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I love zoodles! Its a little bit of an obsession really.  Zoodles have definitely become part of my regular diet since starting on my journey to get into shape for my wedding. Why do I love zoodles so much?! Well first of all, I love pasta, a lot.  Too much. Pasta is not exactly a friendly food for those of us trying

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Fitness Gifts for Your Fittest Friends

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Giving the gift of health is one of the most difficult but rewarding things to do.  I have complied a list of wonder- tried and true- fitness gifts for your fittest friends and family members. This isn’t you average gift list. Not only can I vouch for all of the featured gifts, but I also give you a link to access each gift immediately.

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7 Things I Learned During My Week of PiYo

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PiYo is an excellent at home workout program. I have improved in many areas: strength, flexibility and weight maintenance. Combining the outlined diet and exercise schedule equates to a weight loss program that really works….BUT it does not work by just reading about it. I’ve been working though Chalene Johnson’s PiYo program for over two months now.Considering the program is two months, I am not exactly proud

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PiYo Preview

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Preview of the PiYo package I opened my PiYo package live on Periscope! My extremely candid, initial reaction is on record.  For your viewing pleasure, I’ve add a link here: PiYo Preview LIVE.  After completing three weeks of the program I have more distinct idea on how the program works as well as some of my own opinions to share with you. Whats

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Fancy Breakfast: Fruit Parfait

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Fancy Fruit Parfait Let’s get fancy with a fruit parfait Last night I picked up all the ingredients for a fruit parfait thinking I would make one in the morning.  I was so excited to make a fancy weekday breakfast for my fiance and me! Then I awoke and ran into a lot of set backs right out of the gate.  It

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Simple Breakfast: Omelet, Orange, Latte

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It’s an Omelet, Orange, Latte Type of Morning This morning I really needed a simple but nutritious breakfast that can pick me up fast and keep me going! Simple Filling Breakfast I am home this morning, but it is a pretty busy morning for me because I am flying out later today.  I travel weekly for work so I have

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Quick Breakfast: English Muffin topped with Avocado and Egg

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It’s officially Breakfast Week on Shannyfit! I’m going to post 5 healthy breakfast ideas this week.  Since I just completed 21 Day Fix and am starting PiYo, all of the recipes will be 21 Day Fix and PiYo approved!  You will see a sneak peak into my nutrition for the week and will hopefully get some helpful ideas out of these posts.  It’s a great

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21 Day Fix Results- My Tried and True 21 Day Fix Review

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  This is the story of my journey to get into better shape for my upcoming wedding. My tried and true 21 Day Fix review is 100% realistic and show my actual results! Read on to hear all about it and post a comment about your fitness goals. How I Chose The 21 Day Fix Like many working adults, I woke up one morning and

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21 Day Fix WEEK 2 RESULTS 21 Day Fix WEEK 2 RESULTS: Nothing is more telling than progress pictures!  Here we go!  21 Day Fix week 2 progress pictures. I once again was traveling for work at the 2 week mark.  It actually worked out because the week 1 pictures were taken on a Saturday so these two sets are

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